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BARC is an international collective of women of colour scholar activists. We aim to build anti-racist pedagogic communities of students and university workers through sustained collective organizing, collaboration and radical thinking. We raise funds to put on workshops, events and interventions that facilitate mutual learning between established and new faculty while working closely with students of colour. Our practice is led by our commitments to critical theory, intersectional feminisms and decolonizing frameworks.

A group photo of 24 workshop attendees, mostly women of colour, all skin tones and hair colours with colourful outfits, big smiles and positive energy. An Asian woman has an orange hijab, while a black woman is wearing a dashiki. few of them are holding up their right fists or a peace sign.
Inaugural BARC Workshop Attendees, Oct 2018. Photo Credit: AMC Media

The Bangladeshi Women's Careers Group


Making the revolution irresistible


killing joy as a world making project


Making the revolution irresistible

sisters of resistance

anti-imperialist pro-vegan radical queer feminist hip-hop & grime revolutionaries.

Building the Anti-Racist Classroom

Making the revolution irresistible