About Us

Welcome to Building the Anti Racist Classroom collective’s website. This site hosts a number of resources and archives the work and activism we have led and been part of since our arrival in 2017.

The BARC Collective came together in 2017, connecting through a shared interest in decolonising critical management studies and scholar-activism. We are an intersectional and anti-racist feminist collective. We believe that business and management studies consistently centres whiteness and Anglo-American capitalist ideologies that are inherently damaging and exploitative. In response, we are working to create strategies and possibilities for alternative learning and working conditions. Building the Anti Racist Classroom collective was inspired by the call for antiracist praxis in higher education as articulated by Tate and Bagguley (2018)

Our practices include critical research and methodologies, arts-led interventions, inclusive workshopping and centring the marginalised in society. We are influenced by a variety of radical and critical thinkers and activists; please see our suggested reading list for more information.

We are also part of the Decolonizing Alliance initiative that seeks to invigorate activism across universities around the world.

We operate upon a principle of resource redistribution rather than accumulation, and as such have taken the decision not to endorse the commercialisation of decolonial knowledge in the form of business activities and self-employment.

Members of the collective include Sadhvi Dar, Angela Martinez Dy and Deborah Brewis.

BARC Artists-in-Residence