Upcoming events

8 February 2019 BARC workshop: Making Tools of Resistance

Far from the idea of developing a tool-kit, BARC wish to explore and understand the power of creating subversive artefacts that can be exchanged, circulated, and passed around the university campus space as an act of anti-racist intervention. The workshop invites 15 attendees to develop ideas for making zines. Drawing inspiration from the 19th century abolitionist pamphlet campaigns, the workshop will facilitate zine design, content and piloting campaigns to be launched at Kent Law School’s decolonizing event in March 2019. A few spaces are still open – to register, email us.

20 February 2019 Queen Mary University of London Teaching and Learning conference

BARC will be facilitating a session targeting teaching faculty and administrative staff. The session will comprise of playing a ‘student journey game’, a free evidence-based resource that BARC have developed for raising awareness purposes. The game has been developed in line with the knowledge students of colour at Queen Mary have about their experiences of structural inequality in classroom dynamics and campus life. Bookings are open for QMUL staff only.

16 March 2019  Loughborough University London Entrepreneurs of Colour Network Gathering, 2-11PM including dinner, open mic and afterparty

We are working with Your Startup, Your Story and Digital Women UK to bring together entrepreneurs of colour across industries for an educational and entertainment programme supporting personal and professional development. More details to follow soon. 

20 March 2019 University of Kent School of Law, Centre for Sexuality, Race and Gender Justice

We are supporting Decolonise UKC, a decolonising research collective at Kent comprising a group of research students who will deliver a manifesto focusing on education, inclusivity & identity to the staff and student body. We will host a creative workshop on zine-making to develop and disseminate practical anti-racist strategies. Contact Decolonise UKC for details.

20 March 2019 Roehampton Teaching and Learning conference

The student journey game (see above) will be delivered at Roehampton University. Bookings are open for Roehampton staff only.

15-16 June 2019 Leeds-Beckett BARC workshop

We will be hosting an exciting 2-day intensive skill-building and community development event for Northern UK HE anti-racist organisers, early career researchers and student activists. We will be engaging with the simple but provocative question: What makes an anti-racist space? The workshop will be open to scholars and activists from any discipline, but will target those with a history and commitment to anti-racist organizing. Funded by NARTI, Professor Shirley Anne Tate, Director of the Centre for Race, Education and Decoloniality will co-host with BARC. More details and registration information to follow soon.