Upcoming events

23 May 2019, Building the Anti Racist Classroom Workshop, University of Kent

BARC will facilitate a morning of collaboration and reflection among University of Kent’s postgraduate community. Building on Decolonise UKC’s manifesto launch, UKC students and staff will play the Student Journey Game, to understand the state of play at the university and to establish what further work is needed to support the manifesto. This event is in collaboration with Katja May (PhD student, English), Decolonise UKC and is funded by the Postgraduate Community-Experience Awards, University of Kent.


30 May 2019, Building the Anti Racist Classroom Workshop, Middlesex University London

We are facilitating a long-table event to provide a space for students and staff of colour to come together and reflect on their experiences, to recognise how these experiences are patterned and to build a supportive community for establishing solidaristic relations. This event is funded by University of Middlesex and is organized in collaboration with Dr Akile Ahmet, Department of Sociology, Middlesex University London. The workshop is open to Middlesex students and staff only.


15-16 June 2019, Organizing for Liberation part 1, Leeds-Beckett University

We will be hosting an exciting 2-day intensive skill-building and community development event for Northern UK HE anti-racist organisers, early career researchers and student activists. We will be engaging with the simple but provocative question: What is an anti-racist space? We will reflect deeply on this simple yet provocative question as we move forward in our work that develops the theoretical tools for our times that can be used to dismantle white supremacy in the classroom. We build on Tate and Bagguley’s (2017) conceptualisation of the anti-racist university as a ‘contact zone’ where different people and ideas might be brought together in non-hierarchical relations to (re)form one another. We ask: What does an anti-racist classroom look like? What does it feel like? Who is understood to be a ‘good’ student, and how does she transform over the course of her degree? What alternative philosophies can we draw on to envisage and embody anti-racist spaces, practices, and relations to one another? And do we have the language to imagine it, construct it, demand it?

The workshop will be open to scholars and activists from any discipline, but will target those with a history and commitment to anti-racist organizing. Funded by NARTI, Professor Shirley Anne Tate, Director of the Centre for Race, Education and Decoloniality will co-host with BARC. More details and registration information to follow soon.


25-26 October 2019, Organizing for Liberation part 2, Queen Mary University of London

Celebrating our first year of organizing collaboratively, this workshop is a 2-day event bringing leading scholars of colour from North America and the UK together. The event will host Professor George Yancy who will deliver the Centre for Research on Equality and Diversity‘s annual lecture alongside a day-long conference with anti-racist activists and organizers. The event also invites Professor Akwugo Emejulu and Dr Remi Joseph-Salisbury to take part in the programme’s events and sessions. This event is organized in collaboration with Dr Azeezat Johnson and is funded by the Centre for Research on Equality and Diversity. More details and registration information to follow soon.