Excerpted reading of “The business school is racist: Act up!” by BARC, published in Organization, 2020.

Highlights and Professor Shirley Anne Tate Keynote from Inaugural BARC Workshop, Oct 2018

Videography and editing: Adrianne McKenzie, Words of Colour

Photo Album from Inaugural BARC Workshop, Oct 2018.

A group photo of 24 workshop attendees, mostly women of colour, all skin tones and hair colours with colourful outfits, big smiles and positive energy. An Asian woman has an orange hijab, while a black woman is wearing a dashiki. few of them are holding up their right fists or a peace sign.

Photo credit: Adrianne McKenzie, Words of Colour

Photos from Organising for Liberation: Leeds Beckett University, June 2019

Photo Credit: Kuran Javeri

Posters for Organising for Liberation @ Leeds Beckett University

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  Designed and illustrated by Maria D’Amico