Registration & Programme


If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please completeParticipant Info Sheet and email it to barcworkshop at gmail dot com. 


DAY 1 – Context and Conditions for Learning

Starting with registration and breakfast from 10:00 – 11:00

  • Breakfast and welcome note.
  • Introducing Anti-Racism in the Business Management classroom. A panel discussion with Dr. Yasmin Ibrahim.
  • Setting the Scene for Anti-Racist Pedagogy. We will highlight the tensions between doing ‘diversity work’ and doing anti-racist activism. Delegates will be invited to split into smaller groups to share and learn across four themes: A. How ‘diversity’ fails; B. Experiences of (Dis)empowerment (e.g. classroom dynamics, precarity and academic promotions, institutional policy and practice); C. Community / Support; and D. Allyship.
  • Keynote Speaker Prof Shirley Anne Tate, Leeds-Beckett University: ‘Whiteliness and institutional racism: Hiding behind unconscious bias’.
  • Celebration dinner and evening programme Creative performance with Dr Mojisola Adebayo and open mic with Dr Angela Martinez Dy. Hosted at special venue on campus.

DAY 2 – Strategies for Liberation

Starting with breakfast from 9.15 – 9.45

  • Breakfast and feedback from Day 1 Breakout Group discussions.
  • Keynote Speaker Dr Goldie Osuri, University of Warwick:  ‘Race & Pedagogy: an onion-layered guide to transforming the curriculum’.
  • Racism in the British context: ‘Long Table’ discussion with undergraduate Business Management students. The Long Table is a theatre-based technique that takes the form of a ‘dinner table discussion’ with particular guidelines to encourage inclusive and equal participation.
  • Group activities: strategy-sharing and capacity building:

1. Do we have the words? Often we are left stunned and speechless in moments of oppressive discrimination and disempowerment. This session will focus on writing and rehearsing scripts for students and staff to facilitate anti-racist conversations with peers, colleagues and managers.

2. Gaming strategies for anti-racist work We note the radical labour of black and brown staff and students that is marginalised, shut down or co-opted on the route to constructing anti-racist institutions. Even the ‘decolonising’ project is being co-opted by universities as an institutional strategy to legitimate racist practices.  This activity facilitates the identification of anti+racist actions that we can seek to take in our home institutions and blockages to our anti-racist work.

3. Acknowledging Anger: Emotional Dimensions of Radical Pedagogy Drawing on Prof Shirley Ann Tate and bell hooks work on incorporating emotions into your politics, we recognise that racism and sexism cause our bodies to become enraged. This session will enable us to reclaim the racist trope of the ‘angry black woman’ and transform her into a knowing, sensitive, intuitive and powerful subject who is not alone in her anger.

  • Reflections on Hope and Struggle: Final discussion and closing comments and critical reflection activity.